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De Conti Law Office

2010 | 2013 | 2017

Founded with the purpose of provide highly specialized juridical services in the areas of Business Law, focusing on Corporate Law, Commercial Contracts, Tax Law and Complex Litigation, De Conti Law had its first activities in the preparation of Legal Opinions, drafting of Structured Transactions, Start-Up of Companies and Non Profit Organizations, as well as in Litigation.

From a model focused on the high specialization, expanded itself, then, for a model that, in addition to highly specialized services, also provides routine legal services - e.g. from a Sale and Purchase of Business has also been advising the daily lives of the Business.

Only with the double perspective (general and specialized), we believe offer a legal service complete and personalized, and, because of the overview on the client as a whole, provide a service of results of a strategic point of view.

Then, for those who already have a legal department, we are the microscope to view and treat the most sensitive issues; and for those who do not yet have such a department, necessary for any company, we are their legal eyes.